Event Management

What is a Day of Coordinator?

    A "Day of Coordinator" is not exactly a job title.  This is mostly used by venues or other vendors to mean "who will be running your day?"  Every Planner typically has different levels of service from Full Planning, where they do everything for you, to Partial Planning, where they usually start planning with you as you get closer to your date, to Month of Coordination, where they work with you during the last month to be able to direct your day as you have planned out.  It's best to contact a potential Planner to find out what level of  service best fits you.

Is a Planner the same as a Coordinator?

   A Planner is more of a job title where a coordinator is what they are doing.  Most times, these terms can be interchangeable because we all get confused as to what the difference is, so us Planners don't mind being called a Coordinator.  But for example, I am a Senior Certified Wedding Planner (my job title) who does coordination (the act of coordinating between you and your venue and vendors).

Why does Union Events offer only 1 type of service?

   With my background of being a Venue Coordinator for years, I met my clients at the 30-45 day out mark and it was always stressful for my clients to have all the answers to my questions because they didn't have their own planner or coordinator to prepare them.  A Venue Coordinator typically runs the day like a Month of Coordination package, who will start the day of your wedding around 2 hours before your ceremony and directs the rest of the day to the agreed upon timeline and some may or may not run your rehearsal as well.   Since I have been running my own business, I have found that the method in which I help my clients creates the least amount of stress and nothing feels like it's "at the last minute".   I am very proactive in this planning method in that we talk about details before they are due so we always stay 1 step ahead of everyone!

What service does Union Events offer?

Event/Wedding Management (which includes:)

  • The full day of your event AND the day before for rehearsals or additional help

  • Starting at the 4 month mark from your date, we'll take a proactive approach to bring all your hard work together to make our plan to stay ahead

  • We'll create your event timeline, floor plan, and fill out any detail sheets your vendors or venue require

  • For weddings, we'll plan your entire ceremony and I will be with you to lead your rehearsal and ceremony

  • On the day of your event, I am the first to arrive and last to leave to make sure every detail and desire was met and carried out the way you want 

  • Working with your vendors, I will confirm arrival times, assure set up has happened according to plan, and coordinate with them according to our timeline

  • I am also there to lead your family and friends in decorating and cleaning at the end, or under most circumstance, I can do all of it for you

  • And as soon as you book with me, you have an experienced and certified planner that you can ask any questions of throughout your entire process

Event Management


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