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Planning and Coordination

What is a Day of Coordinator?

    A "Day of Coordinator" is not exactly a job title.  This is mostly used by venues or other vendors to mean "who will be running your day?"  Every Planner typically has different levels of service from Full Planning, where they do everything for you, to Partial Planning, where they usually start planning with you as you get closer to your date, to Month or Day of Coordination, where they work with you during the last month to be able to direct your day as you have planned out.  It's best to contact a potential Planner to find out what level of service best fits you.

Is a Planner the same as a Coordinator?

   A Planner is more of a job title where a coordinator is what they are doing.  Most times, these terms can be interchangeable because we all get confused as to what the difference is, so us Planners don't mind being called a Coordinator.  But for example, I am a Senior Certified Wedding Planner (my job title) who does coordination (the act of coordinating between you, your family, wedding party, your guests, your venue and vendors).

Do I need a Planner?

   The short answer is Yes!  A Planner will double check your contracts for inaccuracies, give you advice on adding or subtracting time with your vendors or venue based on your plan, know how many tables vendors need for their set up, and be able to see the end result as we have the experience to know what works and what doesn't.

   On the day of, a Planner is your main contact person and runs the show so that you both and your families can relax and enjoy the day.  So what all do we do on the day of?

  • Make sure your vendors are arriving on time and setting up correctly

  • Updating all vendors all night when activities are about to happen so everyone is in place for you

  • Instructs the two of you and your wedding party on when to walk down the aisle, fluff your train, and reminds yall to breathe

  • Puts out any fires (sometimes literally) all day, along with lighting fires like candles, sparklers, fireplaces and firepits

  • Helps with any guest issues such as adding an additional chair to their table, moving chairs for those in wheelchairs, letting the guests know where to put their gifts and cards, and being the overall person a guest will go to when a question arises

  • Minor announcing to your guests when the DJ is unable such as inviting them inside the ballroom when it's time, dismissing tables to the buffet, giving instructions when it's time for the sparkler exit

  • All the little things like getting the two of you whatever you wish to drink during toasts, making sure your bouquet is in a vase of water when you aren't using it, and making sure the best man or ring bearer has the rings before going down the aisle (instead of an empty box)

  • And some will place your personal items as part of the decoration set up and help pack up your items at the end of the night

  • The list goes on and on

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