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A little about me...


Working in the event industry since 2009 and, specifically, weddings since 2012, I am happy to say that I have found my reason for being!  To be able to help all my clients with their event, no matter how big or small it is, brings joy to my life and I always look forward to the next event around the corner.  I know that no two events are the same and I enjoy the challenge of expanding on ideas with you to create an event that perfectly fits you.  I will always support and encourage you to have what you want, no matter how geeky, glam, quirky, elegant, or boho you want it to be.  It's your event and it should always reflect you!

As a happily married woman myself, I have been in your shoes and can relate to the stresses of planning.  And with hundreds of weddings under my belt, I have seen so much of what works to be able to give you honest guidance or advice to any decision you need to make.  I also love learning something new, so as a Certified Wedding Planner who enjoys the continuing education, I am happy to pass on all my knowledge and resources for you to have the most information.  I know that having everything in front of you will help you have the best event possible.  


Every party should be fun! ...and that includes the planning process!  Let's talk through your budget, checklists, and must do's and then throw it out the window and create a process that works best for you.  Working with you, your fiance, your family and friends, I know that emotions rise and opinions will pour in.  I am always there to reinforce your wants and desires while giving you a shoulder to cry on or a stress ball to squeeze.  My end goal is for you to have your dream.  So leave the stresses with me and enjoy the ride!

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